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Guest Book

comments written by visitors to the Gallery of Yungaburra Artist, Sue J Krucker

Wow ! This day and meeting you have left their mark on my heart.  Thank you ! Namaste.

Annie, FNQ

Love it all - the art, the cats, the chat, the love. Thank you !

Arek & Kate, Port Douglas

Excellent - love the gallery, artworks and stories, very inspiring.

Chiara, Tully

Thank you for the wonderful chat and inspirational art !

Lara, FNQ

We love your inspiration and welcome and heartwarming gallery.

Gabrielle, Jessica, Mitchell, NSW

Glad we stopped - well worth seeing !

Margaret, Nottinghamshire, UK

Lovely work, lovely spot.

Jane & Bob, Auckland NZ

Nice talking with you.  Great pictures.

Lisbeth, Sweden

Colourful, creative, there's alot of talent here.

Richard, Torquay, Vic

Brillant to see some real work by real people.

David & Caroline, Canberra

Very creative. We enjoyed it all.

Anna & Mary, Adelaide

What creations. Inspiring and indulging all our senses.

Hans & Meg, Amsterdam

Love the colours and atmosphere.

Sue, Nelson, NZ

Thanks for the warm welcome.

Catrina, Canberra

Wonderful mosaic in progress. Can't wiat to see the finished piece.  Send us a photo, please.

Jan & Ken, Salisbury, UK

So much love, light and abundant energy in your gallery.  Congratulations.

Erin, FNQ

Great artwork, lovely gallery, feels peaceful.

Lynda FNQ

Wonderful energy. Lovely gallery. Great views.

Judi & Ed, Chicago, USA

Congratulations Sue, the village has been waiting for your unique style and beautiful artwork. Go girl.

Nicolette FNQ

Great place to bring our visitors.

Helen, Malanda

Just love what you're doing. Would be excited to journey with you.

Annette, Malanda

I'll be back often.

Tamara FNQ

Love your enthusiasm and the keyhole pieces.

Leanne, Cairns

Amazing work. Love the colours.

Esther, Michigan, USA

Great Stuff. Can't decide which is my favourite.

Florence, Port Stephens. NSW

Thought provoking.

Ingrid, FNQ

Sue, you have a very beautiful place here and the personality to suit. Thank you !

Vladimir & Olga, Melbourne

Wonderful Art. Excellent Views.

Jennifer, Cooktown

Great place. Never seen this sort of art before. Cool.

Nicole, Germany

Very friendly, lovely work.

Rod & Pauline, Innisfail