Artist Statement ~ Inspirations and Reflections by an artist in Yungaburra

My diverse ethnic heritage forms a cornerstone of my artistic identity. My artworks reflect not only what inspires me, but also my experiences and hopes.  They are often emotively charged, and personally cathartic.

The works displayed on this website reflect experiences dating back some 37 years. Connections to my childhood, my travels, my spiritual beliefs, my environmental and social conscience, and my understanding of love, are represented well.  The same image, printed on different paper or with blended-colour background suggests a contrasting, albeit subtle, interpretation of the image … and the message.

My artistic practice runs alongside my personal journey as wife, mother and traveller. When undertaking a new piece, the subject will always resonate with where I have been, who I am, or where I am heading.  There is an authentic connection with each creation. My relationship with my husband and children, our values and my role within this vast global community, gently ripples through each piece of art.  I am encouraged by the concept of disclosing a message or even conveying a story within each piece. I feel my message has found expression in the field of printmaking.

Printmaking is a fascinating orchestration of carving tools, paper types and ink colours converging to explore my subjects and set the tone of each piece through line, texture, subtlety and shade. The process of printmaking challenges me to find a balance between absolute control as found in each line and the release of control in the final outcome.  

I have explored numerous artistic mediums and am invigorated by the seemingly endless possibilities open to me. In 2013, I shall branch out into the field of sculpture, creating what is more commonly known as "recycled art" - using bits and pieces I have collected over the years. It will, no doubt, be very interesting .... and I shall continue to be guided by a strong sense of integrity.