A Varied Palette

Sue feels that everyone is an artist, although some may have either forgotten their connection to being creative, or simply don't allow themselves the time.

Yungaburra Artist at Work

Creative expression has always been ongoing for Sue, who attended her first "artistic workshop" at the age of 16. "Whether it was signing up for pottery classes, stained glass leadlight courses, or theatre production workshops, I was always drawn to the process of informal, hands-on learning".

After much traveling and residing overseas, Sue's inspiration came from varied sources and experiences. "My diverse ethnic heritage forms a cornerstone of my artistic identity; and my artistic practice runs alongside my personal journey as wife, mother, traveler and global citizen."

Artist Gallery in Yungaburra

Today, the artist has realized her dream of finding the perfect "studio space" by constructing on her home property in Yungaburra. Sue opened the doors to her newly built studio and Art Gallery on the Atherton Tableland in December 2010.

Moon Dance
No Worries detail

The Yungaburra Artist on Print Making

In recent years, Sue confesses to have become totally consumed with the art of Printmaking – Linocuts, specifically. Printmaking is a fascinating orchestration of carving tools, paper types and ink colours converging to explore her subjects and set the tone of each piece through line, texture, subtlety and shade. For this Yungaburra Artist, paper is not only a medium to carry an image - it plays an integral role in the whole creation and ultimately, the communication of the full story.

The process of printmaking challenges Sue to find a balance between absolute control as found in each line and the release of control in the final outcome. "I am a visual story teller, and am encouraged by the concept of disclosing a message or even conveying a narrative within each piece."

Yungaburra Village Artists

As well as visiting the Full Circle Studio and Gallery just outside of Yungaburra, you can see Sue's artwork in joint exhibitions with the Yungaburra Village Artists. This enthusiastic group of local artists has exhibited in the Tableland Regional Gallery, the Yungaburra Chapel and the Yungaburra Pub.

Turkish Delights by Yungaburra Artist


Having enjoyed the creative art of Stain Glass Lead Lighting for a number of years, the medium of Mosaic came relatively easily to Sue. The idea of combining differing or relative materials to conjure up an image, or simply make a pattern, was immeasurably cathartic. Sue incorporates diverse matter in her mosaic art works, including pebbles and stones found in nature, glass beads, ceramic and tessellate tiles, glass gems, jewellery, millefiori and mirror.

The Yungaburra Artist's most ambitious piece was a Community Mosaic, to commemorate Yungaburra her home town, Centenary Celebrations. Measuring 2 metres by 1.2 metres, the image depicts the local Yungaburra Hotel and Steam Train, from a by-gone era, set amidst vegetation. "I decided to make it a fun exercise for the viewing public, by incorporating some 11 frogs, of varying sizes, within the piece. The challenge is to find all of these frogs ... and a black dog !" The entire project took 304 hours to complete, over some 12 weeks.

With the part-time assistance of two other local artists, Sue managed to deliver the Yungaburra Centenary Mosaic ahead of schedule and under-budget. The Mosaic was officially unveiled by the Governor of Queensland, Her Excellency, Ms Penelope Wensley AO, on 30th October 2010, to commemorate the Rail Pub Centenary. The project was an initiative of the Yungaburra Community Association and was jointly funded by the Tablelands Regional Council and Arts Queensland through the Regional Arts Development Fund ( RADF ).

You can view this remarkable mosaic at the Yungaburra Visitors Information Centre.

Yungabura mosaic

Inkmasters Cairns Inc.

As a member of this dynamic artistic group, Sue participates in a number of exhibitions in the Cairns Region. You can see her works displayed alongside other printmakers, at The Tanks and Circa 1907 Gallery, both in Cairns.


Using only Australian Soy Wax and Essential oils and essence, Sue hand crafts candles in local or recycled glass or ceramic ware.  "Candles have always been a personal indulgence of mine, and I have one burning in my studio every day.  They can set the mood of relaxation or creativeness, like nothing else."  Various scents are available and orders are welcome.